The most important BIO fair

pavillion 30, area ECORNATURASì, site n. 4

Slowfood Cheese

Piazza Carlo Alberto, CA057

Caseus Veneti

Fiera regionale sui formaggi locali

The Dairy

Professional cheese makers from 1898

We are the 4th generation of cheese-makers of our family and we produce cheeses from cow’s, goat’s and buffalo’s milk, also in the organic version.

We have won prestigious national and international prizes. Our work stands out for the passion we put in it and for our focus on high quality: from when we collect our milk, throughout all production processes and right up to the ageing and treatment of our cheeses with ingredients belonging to our land.


Cheesebar | Gourmet Shop

To taste and to feast toghether

A unique location that enables you to visit our ageing rooms and taste our products within an original and lively atmosphere.
Cheeses we handcraft ourselves.
Distinctive charcuterie.
Prosecco wine and craft beers.
An authentic selection of high-quality Italian specialty food.


Tasting while travelling

A territory, its history and its products

Art, villages, castles, sport, wine cellars and events. A piedmont area characterised by pastures and hills cultivated with vineyards, as well as with a rich agri-food tradition: a direct consequence of the strong safeguard of high-quality products that is pursued by the local population.

Arte Casearia Perenzin

The International Academy of Cheese Making Art was born in 2011 from the partnership between Associazione Famiglie Rurali Sinistra Piave  and  Perenzin Latteria , after the fascinating educational experience at Chipilo, in Puebla state, Mexico.

The International Academy of Cheese Making Art is a non-profit making association that promotes all the aspects connected to the art of cheese-making. Its courses are shaped for people who want to exploit what they learn in a short period of time and this is why lessons are very specific, technical and integrated within a real working context.