(1st gen)

Domenico Perenzin

  • 1931

    Angelo Perenzin (2nd gen) becomes a master Cheese maker
  • 1933

    Gold Metal Won at the ‘Salons des arts menageres’ in Bruxelles
  • 1970

    Egidio PerenzinEgidio Perenzin (3rd gen) Starts the first marketing activities.
  • 1987

    The first BIO cheese is produced by Perenzin Latteria
  • 1991

    Degustazioni PerenzinEmanuela Perenzin and Carlo Piccoli (4th gen) start managing Perenzin Latteria
  • 1999

    The first goat’s milk cheeses are produced by Perenzin Latteria
  • 2011

    Accademia PerenzinThe International Academy of Cheese Making Art is born
  • 2012

    Cheesebar PerenzinPER opens: a Cheese bar and a gourmet food Boutique
  • 2012

    Latteria PerenzinMatteo Piccoli, wine technician, with his background in Food Technology, joins the family in the management of the dairy
  • 2015

    Latteria PerenzinErika Piccoli, after her graduation in Food Science, enters the company following her parents’ footprints; she mainly runs PER and is a Sommelier member of FIS
  • 2017

    Gastronomy Heritage: the new idea of well-being focused on health, emotions and journeys!
  • 2018

    Perenzin OggiAt the moment 3 generations of women cooperate for the good management of the company, some of them work directly within the organization, whilst others act as a supervisor given the decades of experience of grandma Ivana!


The preservation of the knowledge and of the expertise of four generations of cheese makers and the constant innovation in production processes: this is the mission of our historical dairy at Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto, a place for sharing and promoting ideas and emotions.

We truly believe that every cheese is an epicentre of tastes and above all of memories. The recollection of the scent of fresh milk, the aroma of newly cut grass, of dried hay and of the warm atmosphere of the small stalls, represents the family’s heritage and it is what we want to preserve in our production processes, with both traditional and innovative aspects, yet always connecting to our territory.

We consider our cheeses as our living “creatures”, and as such we rear them during their maturation phase, enhancing their great qualities with exquisite ageing methods.

For about the last twenty years we have devoted ourselves to the praise of the exceptional organoleptic qualities of goat’s milk, thus becoming pioneers in its rediscovery, as well as a leading company in Italy for the production of organic goat’s milk cheese. Our company offer also consists of a vast range of organic and conventional cow’s and buffalo’s milk cheeses.

To add to all this, our focus on the quality of our cheeses has increased even more with the opening of the new Cheese Bar and Restaurant PER, “Percorsi Enogastronomici di Ricerca” – “Food and Wine Research Journeys”.

Our innovative  formula “eating table and shop” (prize “Horeca24 Innovation of the Year 2012” of “Gruppo 24 Ore”– “Star” Guide Foodies 2013 by “Gambero Rosso”,) welcomes our customers in a modern and inspiring location, where the sale of both our cheeses and a vast selection of food and wine specialties, is combined with other activities such as the restaurant, the tasting sessions and the organization of cultural events.

Info: PER – Percorsi enogastronomici di ricerca

Emanuela Perenzin

Emanuela Perenzin

Emanuela Perenzin

Emanuela is the great granddaughter of Domenico Perenzin, the man who founded the first dairy together with his sons (including Angelo, Emanuela’s grandfather) at the beginning of the 20th century at Tarzo, a few kilometres from the current premises, which were built in 1958 and modernized in 1997.

She won as Best Cheese Professional in the competition Alma Caseus (Cibus2012) together with Carlo Piccoli.

Showing all her dedication and enthusiasm, with Carlo she runs the business of the dairy, a place where she always felt at ease since when she was a small child. Her duties include the management of the administrative and commercial activities of the dairy, and, in addition, she also is a refined guide who conducts the various tasting sessions often organized at the PER as well as in many other occasions and locations where the precious cheeses of the family can be found.

«I zavatoi co ‘i passa bisogna ciaparli» is one of her mottoes, which she inherited from her father Egidio and which literally means: “when the chaffinches go by they must be caught”, a kind of carpe diem in the Venetian dialect that suggests that one must pay great attention to current and potential consumers’ tastes and opinions.

Carlo Piccoli

He won as Best Cheese Professional in the competition Alma Caseus (Cibus2012) together with Emanuela PerenzinCarlo Piccoli personally looks after the artisanal production processes of the dairy, exploiting his thirty years of experience acquired in all areas of the dairy chain: milk collection, processing, ageing, affinage and retailing.

The knowledge achieved during these years and the many training and updating courses he attended, which were always held by leading national experts of cheese making technology, have contributed to make Carlo one of the most important specialists of artisanal cheese making. He is “Master Cheese Taster” with ONAF diploma (“Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Formaggi” – “National Association of Cheese Tasters”).

The passion for his work, the devotion towards milk processing and the will to convey a handcraft profession that is gradually disappearing, all led Carlo, together with the Associazione Famiglie Rurali – Rural Families Association – to establish the Accademia Internazionale dell’Arte Casearia – International Academy of Cheese Making Art – a non-profit association that has the aim of promoting the value of Cheese Making Art by means of theoretical and practical courses which are open to everyone.

Carlo Piccoli

Carlo Piccoli

Prizes and awards